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They stole my name

Friday, June 12th, 2009

When,  will I, will I be famous?

Ok no need to answer that, really… don’t! Obviously the time will come when I will be very famous indeed, it will be all… chauffeur driven lunches, hot and cold running monkeys, the freedom of Milton Keynes, new legs and all that… but currently I am not remotely famous, sometimes even my own reflection mixes me up with that tramp on St Aldates (the one with the feet). So imagine the horror, when on a rare self-google I discovered a world of Me(s), not just one or two but three if not four of me from all four corners of the globe, and beyond.

Most of them are of course heavily into information technology, and when not complaining on tedious message boards about Doctor Who continuity gaffs, they are writing short film scripts and features…  oh that’s me.

Councillors of Milton Keynes discuss my bid for freedom

The edit of Chop (a short film about a machete) so far

So,  I saw around 13 minutes of the rough edit of Chop last night at the Chalkstar Studios (think Pinewood with more cats)  and I have to say (as Mr Chalk will feed me to his Pirana if I don’t) that it is looking rather promising. Steve and Becky have put in tremendous performances, which when sitting on the edge of the set (making sure eye contact with the senior members of the crew was avoided at all times) I did not fully appreciate during the shoot. They have added to the intentional humour a great deal, and once the laughter track and applause widget are added the audiences should be rolling in the aisles.

The next script(s)

Will be written on an Amstrad PCW8512.